Friday, March 30, 2007

Tell me another one Johnny

Conservative campaign co-chair John Reynolds is rattling his saber, threatening an imminent election:

Meanwhile, yesterday, Conservative campaign chief John Reynolds raised eyebrows when he said the federal government could fall within the next two weeks if the Liberals were to vote against bills that aim to get tough on crime.
"If they pass it, I say it's fine," Mr. Reynolds said on CTV Newsnet's Mike Duffy Live.

"If they were to defeat it, I think you might see the Prime Minister say it's time to go to the people."
Now, would that be some of the same crime legislation that the Liberals have been offering to fast-track since last fall and renewed two weeks ago, offers that have been ignored by a Conservative government more interested in electoral posturing that actually tackling crime?
Dion said Friday a government claim of obstruction on justice bills is “one of the possible scenarios” for an election call — despite the fact the Liberals have renewed an offer made to the government last fall to fast-track half a dozen justice bills, or about half the justice legislation before Parliament, through the legislative process.

They may find another way but I think they are trying to push us into an election,” said Dion in an interview Friday. “Otherwise, they would act with us in order to have the maximum number of bills ready right away and focus our work on the ones where we think their proposals are not helpful.

So, you were saying John? Rattle rattle.

I don't blame Reynolds though. He's probably distracted these days...

The Ontario Provincial Police are investigating a sworn affidavit claiming one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's closest advisers was allegedly involved in a bid to buy off a candidate in Ottawa' recent municipal election.

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Anonymous said...

The Liberals only offered to fast track a few of the crime bills, not the entire package. In other words, anything that would put punks in jail that steal cars daily (Manitoba - most don't serve any time), drive drunk and kill people (New Brunswick - house arrest) or sexually assault victims with knives (Winnipeg - no jail time served . . . credit for time spent on bail) will not be fast tracked. The Liberals soft stance on crime is why the above mentioned happens every day in Canada. There is no deterent for criminals in Canada. And, as proof, all you need to do is look at a prisoner in Stony Mountain in Manitoba in line waiting to vote during the last election. He had shaved a Liberal symbol into his head and painted it red. That's all you need to know about Liberal's attitude towards crime.

Gayle said...

pk - can you go and find teh conservative bills that would "put punks in jail that steal cars daily" and "sexually assault victims with knives"? I looked but I cound not find them.

I did find a bill that increases the maximum for gun offences (liberals agree) and put in a mandatory minimum (liberals do not agree), but that has nothing to do with the scenarios you are referring to.

Maybe you should research what the conservatives and liberals are actually saying before you write posts like this.

Jeff said...

To add to what Gayle said PK, the Libs must have been doing something write, with crime rates steadily declining throughout their mandate. But hey, facts smachts.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the majority of the crimes I am talking about are committed by youths. And who came up with the Youth Justice Act?

Secondly, in Manitoba, car theft has increased by over 400% in the last few years. And car theft leads to more serious crimes such as drunk or dangerous driving where innocent people are hurt or killed.

Everybody knows that Liberals favor the hug-a-thug approach to youth crimes. What you need to realize is that some youths are beyond help. No matter how many programs you put them into, they will re-offend. Put them away for awhile so citizens will feel safer.

Karen said...

Secondly, in Manitoba, car theft has increased by over 400% in the last few years


Mike said...

"Youth Justice Act?"

Brian Mulroney in 1984 when it was called the Young Offender Act. I believe he was a Conservative.

Any other questions fool?

As for your other BS, you are going to have to provide links. As Jeff as pointed out crime has been dropping steadily across Canada and in every category since 1990.

Or are you just making stuff up?

Jeff said...

PK, you're picking one narrow stat (car theft in Manitoba) to support your wider thesis, and it just doesn't work because overall, crime is declining. That's a fact.

Also, to talk specifics, here's what the Libs offered to fast-track:

provide swift passage: conditional sentencing, DNA identification, street racing, age of consent, criminal procedure and pay day loans.

So, since they refused, tell me why are the Conservatives soft on street racing? On age on content? Conditional sentencing?

canuckistanian said...

prairie kid said:
"Everybody knows that Liberals favor the hug-a-thug approach to youth crimes."

is that like: "'Everybody' knows that anyone who employs the fallacious argument "Everybody knows..." clearly knows nothing about logical reasoning"?

your self-evident lack of logical reasoning skills aside, i do enjoy the rhetorical bon mots: "hug-a-thug" ;-)

canuckistanian said...

oops, sorry ;-). blogger has been saying error every time a hit the publish button.

Jeff said...

blogger has been saying error every time a hit the publish button

I thought the comments jumped up pretty quickly! lol No worries, I deleted the extras.

Gayle said...

"Firstly, the majority of the crimes I am talking about are committed by youths. And who came up with the Youth Justice Act?"

Youth Criminal Justice Act - enacted in 2003. Property crime dipped 12% in the first 2 years it was implemented.

And again - your precious conservatives have not tabled any legislation to address this issue, so why is it the liberals' fault this non-existent legislation has not passed?