Friday, March 23, 2007

Wapell to retire!!

I'm told that last night Scarborough-Southwest "Liberal" MP Tom Wapell told his riding executive he would be announcing his retirement today.

Regular readers will know I'm not a big fan. I live in Scarborough-Centre, but I'd love to help get a real Liberal elected in that riding.

UPDATE: Confirmed by Canadian Press. And the prayers of millions are answered.

UPDATEST: Wappel is eulogized by his friends at the "Campaign Life Coalition" as a "champion of life." Take that all you people that hate, you know, living:

"Tom Wappel is a man of great integrity and deserves the appreciation of the constituents whom he served for so long and so well," said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). "He has been an outstanding and courageous champion of life throughout his career. He will be greatly missed by everyone who has had the privilege of working with him," he continued.
Excuse me. I think I threw-up in my mouth a little.

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Paul Gordon said...

So the LifeSite/CLC/Interim Liberal pro-life (backbench) caucus leader Canada baby saviour retires now!

Gee, what was holding this flame-out back from crossing the floor (or any of his supposed pro-life opportunist minions)when Martin a bigger flame-out, passed his homo-marriage world disgrace legislation.

jmfgoogle said...

Thank Goodness that jerk is out of there. He was extremely rude to me a constituent and we all know how he treated that war veteran who was his constituent. I don't even know if he still lives in the riding with his checkered family values history. I was always so sorry that the Liberals kept allowing him to run again with bigotted stand against homosexuality. thought that showed very poorly for the Libs. I doubt that Dion showed him the door however, no one seems to have the courage to do that but I guess that very golden pension awaits this bigot.

Bailey said...

Hmmm...Looks like Dion is cleaning house. There goes another leadership candidate from the past. First Paul Martin, now Tom Wapell. Dion's such a power control freak that.


That guy said...

Oh, please let this be true. Wapell is such a creep.

Mark Dowling said...

What about the other "Scarborough SoCons" like Lee and Karaygiannis? What is it about life east of Vic Park that turns Liberals into Tories?

ottlib said...

Quoath the homer:


Reality Bites said...

Yes. And he also demonstrated that respect for marriage is definitely not a so-con issue when it comes to their own marriages.

An immoral, hypocritical, adulterous, creep. A total scumbag and a disgrace to the House of Commons.

That CLC continues to publically admire him after he abandoned his wife and family demonstrates quite nicely their own moral bankruptcy. Despire their protestations of concern for life, they really care about nothing but their hatred of homosexuals.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Creep can't even pretend he's retiring to devote more time to his family, can he?

Koby said...