Sunday, April 15, 2007


Such an interesting story here with interesting comments by Mario Dumont on yet more constitutional talks (aka demands). And already rumblings they'll be looking for even more.

Interesting because I thought we'd ended this whole nation thing with Stephen Harper's motion last November. We'd never hear of this again, thanks to Harper's strategic brilliance, I thought.

Add in a federal budget that finally ended all federal/provincial bickering over money forevah evah, sending billions to Quebec to solve the mythical fiscal imbalance and let Charest cut taxes, not to mention a Quebec election result that was such a great victory for federalism and a vindication of Harper's strategic brilliance, and I thought we'd never be hearing about constitutional demands from Quebec again.

It was like Harper had landed on the aircraft carrier and declared Mission Accomplished!

OK, I never really believed any of that. Indeed, I though it was all a big load of crap, so I'm hardly surprised to be proven right. Would have liked to have been wrong though.

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Tarkwell Robotico said...

Thank you!

Its critically important the Liberals be seen as standing up to this - obstructing - if you will - alongside Gilles Duceppe.

A Eliz. said...

Harper would just love to open the Constitution to change a great many things,including de-centralization. I sure hope he does not get a majority, or our country is done for , and hard to change back. Many people have no idea what this could do --so will vote for him like sheep.

Jeff said...

Yes chucker, it's me and Gilles against the world! We had biscotti and espresso and discussed our joint statement yesterday. He had to leave early though, he had a meeting with Steve Harper to discuss his continuing support of your budget. Such a two-timer, that Gilles.