Monday, April 16, 2007

Freakin' hilarious

It seems the battle of the spectacularly unsuccessful communications directors (Ray Heard, late of John Turner vs. Scott Reid, late of Paul Martin) has been called off, causing disappointment for tens of people with too much time in their hands.

The two were set to go Tete a Tete on Mike Duffy Live (bring your own beer and popcorn) but Reid has wisely declined, saying he doesn't want to elevate Heard...and thus making the best call of his communications career. I therefore declare Scott the winner.

Anyway, big props to Wells for this comment on the whole thing:

It does threaten to ruin Duffy's segment. Maybe Heard could appear, backed by a chorus of Jane Taber's sources, all bravely wearing paper bags over their heads and chanting, "That's right, that's right" whenever he says something dumb.

Ha, that's about right.

No one ever said the old establishment hacks would go down easy. Seeing their power and influence waning, they're putting up a fight. It's not surprising, really. Hopefully their BS will act as fertilizer for a more grassroots-driven party.

Hey, one can hope.

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bigcitylib said...

Would have been fun, though. Hair might have got pulled, slaps thrown, spectacles broken

Dr. Tux said...

Good call by Reid on this one.

And what's with the filthy venom being spewed by the so-called progressive left?

Woman at Mile 0 said...

ha ha...tens of people...that's funny...