Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No fishing polls at the aquarium, please

I'm down in Atlanta this week at SAP's annual Sapphire user conference, one of the larger conference and trade shows still on the enterprise IT circuit. Beautiful weather, but not a city I'd want to be wandering around after dark, I don't think.

Anyway, while it's been all work and no play (just in case the boss is reading...and if he's not, I recommend the CNN tour) I did come across this rather interesting note on the Web site of the Georgia Aquarium while, um, researching, yeah, researching....

All guests must go through security checkpoints before entering the Aquarium. No guns, knives, lighters, matches or fishing poles are permitted inside.
I mean, have they had troubles with people trying to fish in the aquarium in the past?

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1 comment:

petroom said...

Well, like you said, Atlanta's a seedier city. They've always had a problem with hookers.