Monday, April 02, 2007

Something I've been pondering

I've been mulling this question over for some time, and I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Say you're the Conservatives. You're desperately trying to grow your base to get a majority in the next election, and a big part of that is reaching out to multicultural and ethnic communities. You take that outreach so seriously you've put one of the leader's top lieutenants, Jason Kenny, on the file.

So, given that outreach, and its importance to your majority dreams, is it going to help or hinder your case to spend so much time and energy attacking a guy because his mother was born in another country, or because he talks with an accent?

If your parents are from another country, or you have an accent yourself, would this make you feel more or less welcome in the Conservative fold?

P.S. Cozying-up to these guys can't be helpful either.

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Rural Empowerment Program said...

Birds of the same feather flock together

Gayle said...

If they were that serious, surely they could find someone other than Jason Kenny for this role?

This is one of the problems with the Reform roots. They cannot achieve a majority without softening the perception they are racists, but at the same time, many of their supporters ARE racist.

They are looking for the ethnic vote, but they are prepared to sacrifice the Muslim vote, and the Aboriginal vote.

You make an excellent point here.

Anonymous said...


Dumont's success will encourage Harper to turn more to the right to win his 30 seats in Quebec.

I had suggested that Harper has a choice. Whether it is more effective to pick up crumbs in the immigrant community or solidify the core vote on the right.

Harper will solidify the right. Immigrant community that share the values of the right will follow suit.