Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Accountability? No comment

Following-up on the previous post and Conservative MP Guy Lauzon’s departure as chair of the HoC Official Languages committee over his attempt to stop the committee from looking into the government’s cancellation of the Court Challenges Program.

CBC’s Julie VanDusen buttonholed Lauzon on his way into the committee meeting, and it was quite the amusing exchange. Here’s a taste, where VanDusen tries to get Lauzon to explain his actions:

Julie: Why don’t you explain it now? Don’t you want to be accountable?
: No comment.
: Don’t you want to explain it to the people?
: I’ll explain it to the committee.
Yet another example of accountability, Conservative style. No comment? That’s something.

One of the committee vice-chairs, NDP MP Yves Godin, had a good line in his press conference after the committee meeting that ousted Lauzon. Godin said Lauzon justified his comments by saying the committee hearings were becoming too political. Said Godin:
“If they’re going to shut things down for being too political they should cancel question period!”
Careful Yves, you’re going to start giving Harper some ideas! Of course, the Cons have used the “too political” line of BS in the past as well.

I thought one of the Liberal committee members, I think it might have been Raymonde Falco, had a good point too:
"It was very clear this was coming from somewhere else, and that somewhere else is the PMO.”
You mean that same Harper that is supposedly all about accountability and official languages? Say it ain’t so! Steve, supporting official languages means more than speaking a little French now and again.

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