Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Facebook message from Stephane

Stephane Dion has posted another video where he answers questions from his "Facebook friends."

You know something has gone mainstream when it begins to cross over into the corporate world, and that certainly seems to be happening with social networking. At two major technology conferences I've attended over the past few months (IBM's PartnerWorld and SAP's Sapphire) social networking was a major topic of conversation.

Both companies, and many others, are developing social tools to help their customers and partners communicate and collaborate, and it has the potential to radically change the way business is done.

IBM's CEO said in the end social networking, like the Internet, will be about business. This will be particularly true as today's teens, the IM/MySpace/Facebook generation, begin to enter the workforce. They'll expect to be able to use the social networking tools they've grown up with in the business world, and companies that don't adapt won't be able to attract the top talent.

Anyway, back in the political world of today it will be interesting to see how social networking impacts the next election. The blogsphere was still relatively immature in Canada last campaign, but it doesn't look to be the next frontier any longer.

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