Monday, May 14, 2007

Gilles: The media made me do it

Man, this guy is fast being exposed as a real nutbar. I remember watching Gilles kick ass in the election debates and thinking dam, if only this guy wasn’t a separatist…watching his press conference this morning I really wonder what happened to that Gilles Duceppe?

Everyone will know the story by now of Duceppe’s 24 hours in the Quebec PQ leadership race, where he announced he was running to replace Bosclair and then dropped out of the race a day later to endorse Pauline Marois.

Duceppe just held a press conference on the Hill, flanked by his caucus, to face the media and discuss the whole farce. It was really rather amusing. If I could sum up his remarks it would be this: I made a mistake, and the media made me do it.

He explained how on Friday, when he met with his advisors he didn’t want to go, but…“journalists were asking me and correctly I think you didn’t go in 2005 so if you don’t go now, what does that mean…emotionally I acted against my emotions and said yes, I’ll go….I made an error…

So he listened to the media commentators and went, then a day later he flip-flopped to his senses and changed his mind…“It was a mistake. I’m sort of methodical. To make a mistake like that? But I don’t know. We’re not made of wood, we politicians.”

So now he intends to stay in Ottawa and lead the BQ. He apparently has gotten a vote of confidence from his caucus and, if he gets a vote of confidence from the BQ’s national council in October, he says he intends to lead the party into the next federal election.

Despite the show of unity with his caucus behind him though you have to think Gilles Duceppe’s days as leader of the BQ are numbered. In just a few days the guy has shed so much of his hard-earned credibility. If the “media commentators” start calling for his ouster, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go…

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