Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's getting embarassing for Cons in Calgary-West

We Libs often take flack for some of our nomination practices, and often the criticism is warranted. And I'm loath to get all on a high horse about nominations given that history and given, say, the LPC's decision not to oppose Elizabeth May in Central Nova.

But this latest story, on the Conservative Party’s rigging of the nomination process in favour of Rob Anders in Calgary-West…well, it’s something. Why don’t they just come out and make an appointment? This ham-fisted rigging of the nomination process is so transparent it’s laughable, and it's not fooling anyone.

Tories spend thousands in court fight to preserve MP Rob Anders' nomination


CALGARY (CP) - The Conservative Party of Canada is on the verge of winning an ugly, expensive fight with its own members in an upscale Calgary riding as MP Rob Anders heads toward his second acclamation in less than a year.

An unprecedented move by the party's national council to deny voting rights to new members in Calgary West is curtailing any potential challenges to Anders in a court-ordered second nomination battle.

"The secret, as everyone knows, to winning a nomination is to be able to sell your supporters memberships and get them out to vote," said John Knox, one of 11 disgruntled Tories who have fought the party's unwavering loyalty to Anders from courtroom to courtroom since last August.

The rule - which gives ballots only to those who were party members in the middle of August last year - contrasts with every other Tory riding in Canada, where anyone who has held a membership for more than three weeks can vote at a party nomination.

At least two expected new entrants into the race will likely not bother.


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