Thursday, May 10, 2007

On "environmental" plan(s), and the "leaking" of same

Surely this super-duper Conservative environmental plan

The former temporary worker at Environment Canada was arrested Wednesday for allegedly divulging details of a draft version of the government's regulatory framework for climate change.
…isn’t the same as this super-duper Conservative environmental plan
Details of the plan became public after a speech that Environment Minister John Baird was to deliver this week was faxed by mistake to the opposition Liberals on Tuesday.
….the one that the Cons first said…
A second fax… warned anyone who received the speech was in possession of confidential documents sent in error.
…but then said was no biggie…
The contents were intended to be made public on Wednesday, before the official announcement by Baird on Thursday -- so there is "nothing in it that affects the markets," the official told CP.
I hope the cops are on the tail of the fiendish faulty faxer too…

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