Saturday, May 12, 2007

A supersized Diebeling

You'll remember during the Liberal leadership race, each of Toronto Star reporter Linda Diebel's lengthly bio pieces in the Sunday Star on the various leadership candidates would be carefully scrutinized when they came out.

Her interview with Michael Ignatieff, you may recall, generated much blog activity when a quote, "it depends who's leader", seemed to cast doubt on Michael's plans to run again if he lost the race. The Ignatieff campaign quickly released their interview transcript and disputed the quote. Her Dion piece seemed to go better as she recounted the cute separatism/rum and cokes story. Her pieces on the other candidates were also closely scrutinized and often offered interesting insights.

Well, now Linda has published a book focused on the winner, the race and things since called "Stephane Dion: Against the Current" and today's Star has an excerpt. It makes for an interesting read and I have to say, one person in particular doesn't come out sounding particularly good.

I sense many more virtual trees are about to be killed with a torrent of blog analysis...

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J@ckp1ne said...

I think this book looks really interesting ,I would like to read it later on.

Steve V said...

You mean Rae comes off as an entitled baby?

Ted Betts said...

As I wrote over at my place, graceful winners make for great leaders.

So thank goodness we at least have that because staff who are poor ungraceful paranoid winners, as highlighted by Diebol! make for a divided party.

And losing election campaigns.