Saturday, May 05, 2007

We need an election now!

I’ve long been of the mind that the best thing for the Liberal Party would be to not have a spring election. We’re just not ready. We need to get the policy in place, the financial resources, and a summer on the bbq circuit for Dion kissing babies. But having read this news yesterday I have changed my mind:

Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa has announced that to commemorate his country's hosting of this year's Commonwealth heads of governments meeting in November, and as a way to ensure the first-ever "carbon-free" summit, new forests will be planted at 53 sites in the central African nation, each named after one of the 53 leaders scheduled to attend.

To join Queen Victoria (Lake Victoria) and 19th-century British geologist Roderick Murchison (Murchison Falls) among those immortalized in Ugandan geography, all Mr. Harper has to do is remain Canada's leader until the three-day Commonwealth summit begins in Kampala on Nov. 23.

My fellow Canadians, we can’t let this forest be named for Stephen Harper. We need an election now! This is the issue we can fight an election on.

Can we sit idly by while the Ugandans name a forest for Harper? We cannot. Why, mere months ago Harper was talking about “so-called forests.” He didn’t even believe in forests until the polls said to.

This must be the Stephane Dion Forest. It’s only right.

My friends, to the hustings!

(h/t Ted)

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Prairie Kid said...

Instead of a forest, why not name a desert after Dion. After all, that's how much new growth he was responsible for when he was enviornment minister.

Dante said...

prairie kid

That's not fair!

Unknown said...

Dear Blogging Tories,

Time to call Washington and tell them to send new talking points.

Best wishes,

Ipsos Reid