Friday, May 11, 2007

When we said accountability…

….we totally didn’t mean us!

A Conservative MP spoke for three hours at a Commons committee Thursday in an apparent attempt to prevent an investigation into why Foreign Affairs officials censored documents about the abuse and torture of Afghan detainees.
But hey, accountability is for crooks, right guys?

Hmmmm, didn’t something like this happen just the other day?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government was accused Tuesday of trying to stifle debate after the Conservatives abruptly called off a public hearing probing the cancellation of a program that funded legal challenges to government laws.
Look over there! Sponsorship! Liberals bad!

Anyone else beginning to sense a pattern here?

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Ted Betts said...


Did you mean to link to this post:

PMO: "Accountability doesn't apply to us"

"[A]ccountability measures are for crooks, not honest people."
It appears to be a theme in the Harper government.

Like I said before, what it took the Liberals to accomplish in 13 years, the Conservatives under Stephen Harper have accomplished in 15 months.

The Conservative Party of Canada - Getting Things Done for Themselves!

Ted Betts said...

You know, when you think about it, there is a great Poly-tel record-like TV commercial in these accountability problems.

Someone with better YouTube skills then me needs to take up the charge.

burlivespipe said...

And don't forget this classic spin...
"Hey, quit criticizing us! You are harming our troops when you do that!"
Because we all know, if you're not with Heir Harpor, you're with the the Taliban/evil axis/left-wing media/demagogues of centre earth/old-hat-wearers...