Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Will the real Gord Brown please stand up?

Shades of Rahim Jaffer and his assistant's radio debut...

Tory sorry for impersonating MP boss


OTTAWA (CP) - A red-faced Tory MP is apologizing after his assistant impersonated him - and provided false information - in an e-mail exchange with a constituent over the hot-button issue of Afghan detainees.

An e-mail from Gord Brown's parliamentary office, dated May 2, claimed that every alleged case of abuse involving Afghan detainees had been investigated and proven to be unfounded. That despite the fact the Afghan government has yet to finish an investigation into the torture claims.

The e-mail to Randi Davidson, obtained by The Canadian Press, was signed by Brown, the member for Leeds-Grenville. But Brown says the note was written by his assistant, Mark King, without his knowledge.

Not only was this staffer impersonating his boss, he was also plain making crap up. Fiction: it's not just for Blogging Tories anymore.

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Karen said...

I just saw that story. Hilarious.

It tells me that the boys and girls in the backc rooms are none too happy with how things are going.

bigcitylib said...

When they're in power, it takes the Libs years to get to this state of total collapse and idiocy. Conservatives it takes months.

What was it with Mulroney, 10 ministers resigned it 10 months?

Ti-Guy said...

Yeabut, the Liberals did the same thing when they [insert CPC-approved baseless assertion here].

Ergo, the existence of some other phenomenon diminishes this event to the point of non-existence.

That's just science...quantum mechanics, if I'm not mistaken.

Strategic Voter said...

Is it normal for staffers to send emails on behalf of the boss?

Jeff said...

SV, yes and no. It's common for a staffer to reply on an MP's behalf under the staffer's name, and it's also common for a staffer to draft a response to go out under the MP's name, once the MP has signed off on it. In this case, the MP is saying he didn't sign off on the respone that went out under his name, and wouldn't have approved it.