Friday, June 08, 2007

Best CNN Breaking News E-mail EVER

-- A judge orders Paris Hilton back to jail, CNN confirms. She was taken from court screaming, The Associated Press reports.

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Annmarie said...

I am starting to feel sorry for Paris..It would seem to me there is a fight going on between the Judge in this case and the Sheriff..If Paris has a drinking problem would she not do better in a good Rehab?? Is it her fault that her parents have money?? Also if she was "John Public" she would never have spent time in a prison, she would have house arrest, or have to do public work..

Saskboy said...

Annmarie, I don't think Paris going to rehab would help much if she thinks it's appropriate for her to scream and cry about going to jail, after telling kids she hoped she's serving as their role model in dealing with her jail time. Never mind that she's a drunk driver, and is a horrible role model in almost every way possible.

Dirk Buchholz said...

I don't get this Paris thing.Nor why so many find joy in her misfortune's.
Not that I care,how can I don't even know her,just like most other who for what ever reason feel they have to jump on the anti-Paris bandwagon.
I don't get it....
What ever one thinks of Paris,the fact remains she is not getting special treatment.
Anyone else with the same charge would have been released after 10% of their time.Paris was credited with 5 days.
The weird thing is the Judge.His actions were the aberration,according to lawyers and law professors who worked in the LA justice system,or who were very familiar with the laws and procedures.