Monday, June 25, 2007

Holy over the top Nazi reference, Batman

I've often talked about the tendency of lazy politicians to use references and analogies Nazi Germany to bolster their arguments. Referencing Neville Chamberlain and appeasement is a common crutch.

A Republican politician in the U.S. has taken the cake, however. I came across this comment last week in the USA Today, in an article about six States defying a federal law requiring ID cards:

“The people of New Hampshire are adamantly opposed to any kind of ‘papers-please; society reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia,” said Neal Kurk, a Republican state representative from New Hampshire. “This is another effort of the federal government to keep track of all its citizens.”

While I applaud a member of Dubaya’s own party for standing-up to the Bush policy of sacrificing civil rights for supposed safety, comparing the policy to Nazi Germany? And Stalinist Russia? That’s quite the two-fer.

Canadian politicians, you have a long ways to go it seems when it comes to over the top bombast.

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Giant Political Mouse said...

Actually, one of the Saskatchewan Conservative Party members had this to say about a bill before the Sask legislature in 1992 to ban construction companies from changing their name simply to avoid a union vote.

"Mr. Speaker, this reminds me of the action taken in the legislatures of Russia during the years of Stalin and in the legislatures of Germany prior to world war II. The legislatures there were dominated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis."

He got both Stalin and Hitler into the same sentence.

Giant Political Mouse said...