Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New poll has Liberals ahead of Cons by 3

After a few months of polls have had the Conservatives statistically ahead of the Liberals but within the margin of error, now Decima has the Liberals ahead by 3, but within the margin of error.

I like the trends, though I’d still like to see more yeast in the Liberal numbers. Still, nice to see. Note the regional numbers too, Libs at 39 in Ontario and 7 up on the Cons in Quebec.

I trust the Blogging Tories will be busy explaining how this puts Decivin’ Steven one step closer to a majority, how he has the Liberals right where he wants them, and how Harper is such a strategic genius.

But seriously, for the Conservatives this should serve as a wake-up call. Whether it will or not is another matter, it could be blown off as within the margin of error. That would be a head in sand move though, the trends have become clear. They need to smarten-up.

For the Liberals, while heartening it's not a cause for jubilation. They say governments defeat themselves, and Decivin' Steven is doing his part. But while his numbers have declined ours haven't budged. We need to start capitalizing on Conservative weakness better.

Conservatives have fallen three percentage points behind the Liberals: Poll

OTTAWA (CP) - A new poll suggests the federal Conservatives have fallen three percentage points behind the Liberals in popular support, still within the survey's margin of error but a trend the Harper government would no doubt like to reverse.

The poll by Decima Research, provided exclusively to The Canadian Press, placed Liberal support at 32 per cent, the Conservatives at 29 and the NDP at 18. The Bloc Quebecois and Green party were tied nationally at nine per cent.

The telephone survey of just more than 1,000 Canadians was conducted from last Thursday until Monday.


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