Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Deceivin' who? and Pessimistic Albertans

Canada Day always leads to a plethora of surveys and studies that are lapped-up by lazy media and, in this modern era, lazy bloggers (like moi). Found this bit from the Dominion Institute to be interesting though:

Even on a no-brainer such as this - "What is the name of the Prime Minister of Canada?" - 18 per cent didn't know it was Stephen Harper. (In the immigrant group, only 7 per cent didn't know.)

Do they really not know, my Dominion Institute friends, or are they maybe trying to forget? Maybe this is what happens when you spend all your money on ads attacking the other guy…

In other Canada Day survey news, here’s another interesting one. It surveyed Canadians’ optimism on the whole Quebec in Canada thing. Generally, we’re all feeling good about it (68 per cent optimistic).

When broken down by province though, which one is least optimistic about Quebec’s future in Canada? While I’d forgive you for thinking Quebec (65 per cent optimistic) but interestingly, it’s actually Alberta that is more. They’re more pessimistic on Quebec than Quebecers are and by a wide margin, at 55 per cent optimistic.

What’s up? Here’s the study’s explanation:
A larger percentage of Albertans — but a considerable number of respondents in other provinces — appear to feel that those concessions to Quebec could “come back to haunt” the country and revive the unity debate, he said.

“Some people in Alberta might feel that we haven’t satisfied (Quebec’s) appetite yet,” he said, adding that Alberta’s soaring economic status in the country may also be giving rise to a growing sense of its responsibility in dealing with Quebec in the future.

now has “more at stake,” he said, “and some of those concerns may be reflected here.”

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Gauntlet said...

Yikes. That's an egregious example of what I hate about polling. Yes, OK, Albertans are less sure of the unity of the country than even Quebecers on average. That can be taken at it's face value.

Saying "Some" people "might" "feel", or Albertans "appear to feel" so and so about Quebec? That's bullshit. They didn't ask any questions about what Albertans feel, and even if they had, the answers would have been totally unreliable.

Here's a suggestion: have the polling firm get the respondents to list the grievances that Quebec has with the federal government. Dollars to donuts a lack of optimism correlates to a lack of knowing what the f**k you're talking about.

This kind of reporting is poisoning the brains of the country. Narrative is nice, but it's not how things actually work.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

Well I know that's how I am feeling as well BCer in Toronto and I am in BC. So I am in agreement with the Albertans on this.
Woman at Mile 0