Monday, July 30, 2007

I guess accountability means it's someone else's fault?

This story crossed my radar last week when Red pointed-out the proliferation of anonymous Conservative sources quoted throughout. It’s also an interesting article for another reason though: it underscores Deceivin’ Steven’s inability to take responsibility for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault.

In a nutshell, the article posits Finance Minister Jim Flaherty may be punted over the side and out of the finance portfolio due to the bungling of the Atlantic Accord. Indeed, “senior Conservatives” including some apparently from within the PMO, say Jimbo is on the way out.

Now, I’ll grant the anonomyi that Flaherty may have become radioactive, and a new face in the job might help smooth things over. But here’s where they lose me:

Some staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office blame Mr. Flaherty’s office for failing to anticipate the political problems the budget would cause on the East Coast.

"They were surprised that the department didn’t foresee how badly this would go over with the two premiers who are whining the most," said a source close to the government. "Work wasn’t done beforehand to signal that it was coming or correct it or whatever had to be done."

They’re saying this thing is Flaherty’s fault? That’s just stupid. Even if it wasn’t known that Harper is a control-freak, the fact remains Harper was calling the shots on this thing from day one. Nothing happens without the approval of the big man, not in Harper’s Ottawa.

But now they’re going to blame this on Flahety. But wait, it gets better. More anonuymous Cons, talking now about the imfamous letter to NS Premier Rodney MacDonald vowing no side-deals written by the PMO, the one Flaherty signed after Peter McKay refused to:
"Flaherty hurt himself in Atlantic Canada by agreeing to sign that letter from the Prime Minister’s Office," said one Tory. "Perhaps he should have exercised better judgment there, but he sees himself as a team player."

So, senior Conservatives, perhaps from within the PMO, are saying Flaherty exercised bad judgment in agreeing to sign a letter he was told to sign BY THE PMO?! Told you it got better. Crazy Jim, don’t you know the PMO are idiots? Don’t listen to them!

Hey, here’s someone talking on the record. Former Conservative MP Bill Casey, can you make sense of this for me?
Mr. Casey, who has been sitting as an Independent since voting against the Tory budget, says he’s not sure Mr. Flaherty is the problem, since Mr. Harper’s office wrote the letter that angered Mr. MacDonald.

"Mr. Flaherty was negotiating side deals until that letter appeared in the Halifax Herald, when he said there was no side deals," said Mr. Casey. "But I know the government of Canada was trying to negotiate side deals instead of the Atlantic accord. So somebody overruled him on that Saturday when that letter came out. They were negotiating but apparently they weren’t allowed to. It’s a puzzle to me."

Bill has it right. As much as I dislike Jim Flaherty and wouldn’t mind seeing him gone, in this particular case he’s not the problem. It would seem logical the person that overruled Flaherty should be the one walking the plank. I’ll give you three guesses who that was, and the first two don’t count.

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! Ol' Harry S Truman coined the phrase, "The buck stops here." Harpoon: "The buck stops anywhere but here."

It's comical that he ran on an accountability platform. Looks like he knows how to say the word but maybe don't know what it means.


Anonymous said...

I shudder if that free market kool-aid drinker Bernier takes over the Finance Department.

Canada takes a libertarian right turn.