Monday, July 30, 2007

O'Connor's 10 days are up today

On July 17, the NDP joined the Liberals in drawing attention to the latest concerning actions at DND, namely General Rick Hillier’s clamping-down on previously available information on captured Afghan detainees and Minister Gordon O’Connor’s (continued) refusal to publicly explain why national security is being used as an excuse to save potential political embarrassment.

In her release, NDP defence critic Dawn Black gave O’Connor 10 working days to respond, or:

…Black will make a formal request under Standing Order 106 (4) for the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence to convene and discuss this matter on 48 hours notice and to call such witnesses as it wishes including O'Connor, the Deputy Minister, the Chief of Defence Staff and all relevant officials involved in this decision.

By my calendar, today is the 10th working day, so that means O’Connor has until the end of the day to get back to Black, and Canadians, or Black will need to make good on her threat. And with the Cons having called back committees last week they have no right to complain about summer committee hearings.

We’re waiting Gordon…

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