Monday, July 23, 2007

Unnamed Conservatives make me laugh

No time for blogging until later in the day, but I wanted to share this funny passage from a Globe story this morning speculating on by-election timing.

The story indicates with a few more Liberal seats coming free the Conservatives may wait to have more by-elections (except the Quebec ones) at once, then goes on to give this anonymous, unsourced Conservative theory:

Wary Tories believe the Liberals may be staggering their resignations to allow for a series of "good news" elections in friendly ridings, rather than having them held all on one day.

That made me laugh. These Conservatives really need to get their spin straight. I thought the Liberal MPs were fleeing a sinking ship, hated Dion, yada yada. That was the CPC spin. And yet now Dion is pulling the strings and these guys are timing their departures for his benefit?

If it’s any consolation I’m sure most Cons don’t see the contradiction. Spin on, mes amis, spin on.

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Oxford County Liberals said...

"No time for blogging"?

What do you call this then?

Talk about a contradiction :)

Jeff said...

Just time for a quick hit, and not my usual deep introspection and contemplation and what not...

wilson said...

Everybody looking for an angle. It is laughable. I assume the timing of an MP leaving is to his/her benefit, as at no time is a sitting MP dropping out between elections to the benefit of the party.

But bi-elections are timed to favor the sitting government. Because they can.

Jay said...

Great use of language there Wilson.

So in a "bi-election" you get too choose a man and women candidate on the same ballot? Do they have to be from the same party or are interparty bi-elections now socially acceptable?

Sounds way more fun than say a BY-ELECTION.

Anonymous said...

Actually, in order to show that he really has moved beyond his opposition to same-sex marriage and perhaps past embarrasing statements about sexual orientation in general, Harper decided having bi-elections for these open seats would be a savvy political move.

Perhaps Dion will now move to announce several bi-sexual candidates in ridings across Canada.

And Layton can call an immediate press conference with an "intimate friend," demanding the designation of a minimal number of bi-sexual representatives in parliament to counter past (perceived) under-representation.

; )

Reality Bites said...

Joseph, doesn't Bob Rae going skinny-dipping with a gay man while married to a woman count for anything?

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. So see, Dion was one step ahead of Harper on this one as well.

I tell you folks continue to underestimate Dion . . . he continues to set the real course on the issues affecting Canada.

; )