Thursday, July 26, 2007

With friends like these...

Canada’s most beloved former PM, Brian Mulroney, thinks his boy Deceivin’ Steven is doing just a swell job:

"I think Harper is very smart, very effective and I'm sure he and his colleagues are going to come up with some very attractive ideas.''

They sure haven’t yet, unless you count negative attack ads, but any day now, right guys? Anything is possible.
"Judging from Prime Minister Harper's first -- I guess I could call it 'term' in office, in the sense that there appears to be a break coming -- I think he's done exceptionally well,'' Mulroney said, notwithstanding the present Tory minority's public support has stalled at around 30 per cent in opinion polls.

Yeah, look at all Harper has accomplished. There was…well, how about…Liberals bad!

Anyway, too bad only a dismal 30 per cent of Canadians actually agree with Lyin’ Brian. Then again, compared to Mulroney’s popularity numbers when he left office…

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Jason Hickman said...

Hey, at least Harper's getting some support from the last person from his Party who held the top job (for any length of time, at least - sorry, Kim).

That sort of support and goodwill between successive PM's from the same team hasn't always been present.

Liberals Bad [to each other] indeed :)

Gayle said...

Mulroney is just happy that someone wants his opinion again.

Was there ever a more egotistical PM?

petroom said...

Mulroney is also trying to sell a new book.