Monday, August 06, 2007

Dion takes to the streets, as well as the avenues, promenades and cul-de-sacs

Here's some interesting numbers on the activities of Liberal leader Stephane Dion during his first six months, for those of you that are fans of numbers and what not.

According to figures from the LPC, during those six months Dion participated in 203 events, visited 103 of Canada’s ridings and went on 42 distinct trips.

Sounds like he was pretty busy.

For comparison sake, how busy has Stephen Harper been? Well, he is busy (mis)managing the country so let's give him a head-start, just to be sporting. Let's look at Harper’s first 17 months in office. Again for the numbers fans that’s three times as long a period, or something like that.

During those 17 months, Deceivin' Steven participated in 153 public events, 68 of which were in Ottawa. You need to get out more Steve, the west coast is lovely this time of year. And, well, every time of year. I recommend the whale watching.

And speaking of whale watching, at the upcoming Liberal summer caucus meetings in Newfoundland, Dion is taking the parliamentary press corps whale watching, according to senior media sources. From other media sources I hear rumours of a screech-in on the agenda. Jeffrey Simpson is said to be counting-down the days. Afterward, they may even make smores.

You know, I’m getting a picture here of Dion and Harper as divorced parents (just stay with me here, religious right) and the press gallery as their kids (at least they have lots of kids). Now usually, in this scenario, both parents try to spoil the kids to gain their favour. Dion seems to be doing his part: whale watching, taking their phone calls, being nice. Harper, by unleashing the RCMP on the kids, well, he’s off to a bad start (though love, maybe?).

Stephen (Harper that is), you need to do some catching-up here. I’m thinking a Nintendo Wii might help…

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northwestern_lad said...

Wow... thanks for that useless piece of information. I'm no Harper fan at all, but since when did running around to some ridings (you forget that Dion hasn't visited 2/3's of the ridings in the country, and I wonder where those 1/3 are) saying that the only way I can work for you is to become Prime Minister something to crow at???

The fact is a leader of the Opposition should in the House spending his/her time getting legislation passed to help all Canadians... If Stephane thinks he can show up at a few barbeques, and kiss a couple of defenseless babies and all of a sudden move his pole numbers, then he is seriously mistake. Dion needs to do his work in the House, that's how you prove your sincere.

Jeff said...

thanks for that useless piece of information

You're welcome. And thank-you for returning the favour.

The House is not constantly in session. Indeed, it's often not in session. Like it's not at the moment, for example. He's working in the House, when the house is in session. He's working across Canada when it's not.

saying that the only way I can work for you is to become Prime Minister something to crow at???

When did he say that exactly?

And of the many knocks on Dion, I don't recall sincerity ever being one of them. But alrighty then.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

Oh that's funny bcer : ))

northwestern_lad said...

bcer... When did he say that exactly?
Well, he said it on the AFN's Day of Protest during the speech he made in Ottawa that was broadcast across the country.

read the link to the speech:

In it he said "Unfortunately, I cannot yet deliver the contents of the Kelowna Accord. In order to do that, I need to be the Prime Minister."

Hmmm... I guess that Mr. Dion doesn't think that the opposition can't do much in a minority parliament. That speech also speaks to a lack of sincerity because of the complete in-action of his party on First Nations issues. The fact that it took an accord days before an election call when that particular group had 13 years to get something done says volumes about his sincerity. And don't say he had nothing to do with it because last time I checked he was in the cabinet then and he is there touting it.

Torian said...

I'm not quite sure of the point of your post.

So Dion has been to more functions in the past 6 months compared to Harper? And that is supposed to say something about work ethic or something? Perhaps could it mean that Dion's camp knew he needed to "get out there" because no one knew anything about him?

Considering out of the past 6 months only a month or so has been summer (out of session), one could argue the point that Dion seemed to be spending MORE time OUTSIDE Ottawa (where he should be working)compared to Harper, who wisely chose to stay aroud the Ottawa area during that time. But I also realize that Dion has debts to pay, money to raise...

"religious right"? you've got to be kidding, right?

The funny thing? I read the papers and blogs every day-on both sides of the political spectrum. I certainly did not get any info in the media that Dion is going to all these places. Methinks his media/pr people need to be fired-they're not doing a good job.

Jeff said...


How exactly can he deliver on the contents of the Kelowna Accord without being PM?

And while there are things that can be done in opposition (in a minority parliament) there's more, obviously, that can be done in government. And Dion, shockingly again, would like to form a government one day.

And lastly, it takes time to bring together all the first nations of Canada and get them to agree with each other, the feds and provinces. Also, it wasn't the Liberals that called that election, now was it?


My point was simple. Dion has spent more time meeting with and talking to Canadians in SIX months that Harper has in 17.

Considering out of the past 6 months only a month or so has been summer (out of session)...

Nope. The six months also include a very lenghtly christmas break, not to mention a spring break, Easter break, and so on.

As for publicity, the media will cover what they cover. Right now they seem fascinated with Harper's implosion, bungling on Afghanistan, impending shuffle of cabinet deadwood and other fun issues I'd rather see them focusing on. Read the local media and the coverage was there.

These sorts of tours don't get national coverage. Harper's didn't after the 04 election, the media mocked him for disappearing. You'd have had him fire his comms staff. But that summer helped lay the groundwork for his current government.