Thursday, August 02, 2007

No, really, Harper HAS united Canada

Lots of kerfuffle about Steve Harper’s claims to have 'united Canada' made during a recent speech. Granted, at first blush that’s pretty laughable, arrogant and phony claim, but it’s really not.

Not when you consider whom the Conservative Party considers real Canadians to be (audio here):

"Let me tell you what a real Canadian is. A real Canadian is somebody that stands-up for middle class taxpayers, helps working families with lower taxes, stands behind our troops when they're off in Afghanistan, and who does what he said he would do. That's what real Canadians are, and those are Conservatives."

-- CPC House leader Peter Van Loan

So, you see, when Harper says he has united Canada he means he has united real Canadians, and he believes that only Conservatives are real Canadians.

Therefore, Harper is merely claiming to have united Conservatives. And we can’t argue with that, now can me?

Although, I am finding much of the country uniting in the opinion that Harper has to go, so you could look at it that way too.

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900ft Jesus said...

Fletcher gave that same "A Canadian is" speech a month or so before that Van Loan asshole. More scripted crap. What gets me is who are they trying to appeal to with that speech, since it insults anyone but hard core CPC.