Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A suggestion for Harper on how to save taxpayer money

Just fire your PMO communications staff. I mean, it's not like they seem to actually be doing anything...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be a fill-in for his Japanese counterpart when he speaks to the Australian Parliament on Sept. 11, Australian Prime Minister John Howard said yesterday.

Mr. Harper's office in Ottawa refused to confirm the speaking engagement
, but Mr. Howard broke the news in Canberra earlier in the day.

Gee, now why does this sound familiar?

Oh, yeah, this is why
The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper as G8 leaders gather later Wednesday at a German resort.

There has been no confirmation of the meeting from the Prime Minister's Office.

Then there are stories like this:
So yesterday morning I call the PMO press office asking to speak to someone for a story I was doing about the SPP and the upcoming Montebello summit.

By the end of the day I got a response. An intern replied to my request with a web link to a month-old press release annoucing that there would be a summit in
Montebello. I responded thanks, but I know how to find old press releases on the Internet. Could I please speak to a live human being? No response.

Maybe they're trying to fuel the conspiracy theories?
If Harper is looking to find redundancies and cut waste the PMO communications office may be good place to start. Of they could start, I don’t know, communicating or something, on such routine and simple matters as these. (To the media that is, not the RCMP.)

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