Friday, August 31, 2007

Three Quick Friday Hits

*Anyone who seriously believes Dick Harris came-up with the dumb idea of making the Conservative candidate in an NDP-held riding as a government representative and encouraging residents to bypass their elected MP all by himself, with no help from the PMO or CPC leadership, raise your hand? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

*So Iggy made a dumb analogy about a bird. It must be the silly season when this is getting as much attention as it is. It’s not even in the top five list of questionable Iggy comments. I think my favourite one had something to do with herding cats. I also liked his review of Borat. And anyway, why is it bad to hide your excrement? Should you be putting your excrement on display or something? Does Harper fling his around at cabinet meetings? No thanks, I’d rather you dispose of it, thanks.

*On a more serious note, I see the phrase “President Harper” has made its way into the official Liberal taking points. I first heard it from Denis Coderre during cabinet shuffle spin and I’ve heard it a few times now from Dion, most recently during his speech at the caucus retreat. Please, OLO comms people, can we drop this line? It’s lame, it’s cheap and it’s lazy. There’s ways to make the points you’re trying to make, that Harper is a Bush Republican-loving autocrat, without such hackneyed lines as “President Harper.” And why do we even need the Republican/Bush references, which only open us to (false) charges of anti-Americanism? Harper is screwing-up plenty himself and giving us lots to work with, there’s no need for bogeymen.

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McLea said...

It’s lame, it’s cheap and it’s lazy.

You mean like Deceivin’ Steven?

Pot. Kettle. Black.

burlivespipe said...

Actually, Deceivin Stephen is quaint and honest, compared to all the crap the CON/Alliance/Reform gorillas have been regurgitating over the past 10 years.
And Jeff was making a point here that you crazily could have agreed with.
Black. Pot. Kettle.
On the Harris thing, funny how when you read between the lines of his intention, you get the following Harris confession: "All those Chretien/Martin years where I was suppose to be representing the good people of northern BC? I was actually a useless turd on the side of the Yellowhead, minding my own business. But a guy's gotta eat..."

Justin Socie said...

I agree re: President Harper. I think there are a lot of votes to be had by just being adults. Plus, there is the added advantage that you get to act like adults.