Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What do Peter McKay and Stephane Dion have in common?

Neither have never served in the Armed Forces, and Stephen Harper won't listen to either of them on defence matters:

Mr. Speaker, once again, the Minister of National Defence is a veteran of the Canadian Forces. He has served this country courageously in uniform for 32 years. When the Leader of the Opposition is able to stand in uniform and serve his country, then I will care about his opinion of the performance of the Minister of National Defence.

You see, in Steve’s world only those that have served in the armed forces are qualified to comment on Canada’s military policies. Unless you’re the Prime Minister of course, in which case it’s no experience necessary.

So anyway, sorry Peter, but you’re not a veteran so Stephen doesn’t care what you have to say in your new job (ed. and he cares what his other ministers have to say?). At least this means more time to walk the dog. He misses you.

*I was an Air Cadet so I'm allowed to comment, but only superficially, and Harper will only pretend to care.

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900ft Jesus said...

that's priceless! I forgot about that. We have to keep that quote circulating.