Sunday, September 30, 2007

Grey's Anatomy thoughts

Because some things are more important than political shenanigans, dammit. Warning, if you haven't watched the season premiere yet, spoilers and what not no doubt follow.

*At least we get some mention of Burke's departure, so it's not like he's been given a one-way ticket to Mandyville. But no details, he just packed-up heartbroken in the middle of the night? At least Christina is showing some human emotion, if only when people aren't looking.

*George is back, and as an intern. He' been acting like a bit of a dick lately, it's was good to see him start to get his mojo back later in the episode.

*Meredeth continues to be annoying. I know she's the title character, but still, they should have let her drown last year. Could she at least be somewhat nice to her sister? And right back into the arms of Sheppard? McCome on! Even if she's an idiot he's not, she's a load of McCrazy Sheppard so back-up off that, and try dating someone not named Grey for awhile.

*Speaking of Greys, could Lexy turn out to be the only reasonably sane member of that family? Perhaps, since she is only half-Grey, but time will tell. I hope they don't make her crazy too. And please, keep her away from Sheppard.

*Could they have come-up with a lamer subplot for Izzy? I mean, after she saved the guy on the ferryboat last year with the drill it seemed like she might have finally grown a pair, but now she's operating on deer?

*And Izzy, George is married, get over it already! Stop being such a bitch and going after married guys. And George, you're married, tell her to back off. I feel bad for how everyone on the show seems to be treating Callie.

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