Thursday, September 27, 2007

The political evolution of Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper 1.0, speaking in January 2006 during the last election campaign:

"I'm not sure there's such thing as a true Conservative majority in the sense of a Liberal majority," Mr. Harper said after a number of public opinion polls placed his party within striking distance of a majority government.

"We will have checks on us and limits on our ability to operate that a Liberal government would not face."

"The reality is that we will have, for some time to come, a Liberal Senate, a Liberal civil service, at least at the senior levels where they've been appointed by the Liberals, and courts that have been appointed by the Liberals," he said. "These are obviously checks on the power of a Conservative government. That's why I say ... there is certainly no absolute power for a Conservative government and no real, true majority."
And Stephen Harper 2.0, speculating Tuesday about the next election:
"With the current political alignment - I'm probably not supposed to say this, my election strategists won't like it - but with the current political alignment, I think the possibility of minority government at any election, including one in the near future, would loom very high," Mr. Harper said.
Same message (don’t worry, be happy, I won't burn down the house), same goal behind the remarks (feel comfortable electing a Conservative majority), but much better execution a year and a half later. He’s learning.

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Francesco said...

we are going to have an election...the conservatives are ready and want to go. why>

i) they don't want to give dion any more time to settlein...they know the party is disorganized (at least appears as such) and the by-elections became a question of dion's leadership rather than the question on the ruling government

ii) the latest surplus of $14 billion is the best it is going to guess the headwinds in the U.S. will spill over into canada thus, the economy going forward will be not be as robust

iii) the quebec dynamics are that the cons will want to carry the momentum and with the bloc in decline ...they will want a fight

900ft Jesus said...

I read it the same way. Trying to put us at ease, while still going for the majority. With this guy, even a minority is a nightmare since he doesn't respect democratic and legislative procedure, anyway.

This "gold star" announcement today on the surplus and promisses of tax cuts is more campaigning as well. More than a little scary, as so many people can't see they are being bought, and forget how many promises he broke last time around.

Jim said...

Oh and I suppose the Lieberals respect democratic and legislative procedure, by stealing taxpayer money and passing it around in brown envelopes. As well, I guess the Lieberals, according to you kept every promise they made? Nor could the Libs every be accused of buying votes close to election time.

How utterly deluded so many of you on the left seem to be. It is a little frightenting actually and almost borders on a mental condition.

This country, under Harper is far from a nightmare.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, it's a nightmare because it's a government that appeals to people like you, Jim.

Jim said...

Always with the insults, Ti-guy...big surprise. I have seen you around various blogs and I have to ask, do you ever contribute anything worthwhile?

I didn't think so.....

burlivespipe said...

Hey Jim, you must love that fact that your vote bought you a faux-Liberal government. One that appoints its friends to the senate and then invites them into cabinet, one that then recruits opposition members and then plunks them immediately into cabinet or offer them wild freebees (dash off a report on our Middle East plan and tuck it under our door, Khan!). A government that spends like a drunken sailor, who breaks its promises on big financial platforms. One that holds fake debates and dodges accountability, even while making sure all its members are singing from the same song sheet or not singing at all. The kind of government that says the surplus will be one thing and then turns out its something much more. Thankfully, a CON government will be the end of pandering to Quebec, you thought, and one that will stand on its principle. Oh wait... You were saying?

Jacques Beau Vert said...

Lol, Jeff! It would be even better if he actually said, "Don't worry, I won't burn down the house". Cute.