Sunday, September 30, 2007

What Would Jean (Chretien) Do, Part Two

Excellent article on things Liberal and leadership and historical and present day and what not in the Ottawa Citizen today.

BTW, I'm watching my DVD collection of The West Wing at the moment, which is always a good ideal when you supply of political idealism needs a boost, and I think there's one piece of advice that can be modified for the present situation: Let Dion be Dion.

Dion may be down but not out, political history suggests

Juliet O'Neill, CanWest News Service

Published: Sunday, September 30, 2007

OTTAWA -- There is no need to push the panic or eject buttons on Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, say two men who worked closely with former prime minister Jean Chretien during his difficult, if largely forgotten, time as Opposition leader in the early 1990s.

Peter Donolo and Eddie Goldenberg note that Chretien's decade in power was preceded by such a rough ride as Opposition leader that he lost his confidence.

He made some big gaffes. He was laughed at and criticized, second-guessed by colleagues and vilified in his home province of Quebec. Like Dion, his party lost a Montreal byelection in a riding that had been held by Liberals for more than 70 years.


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tarobins said...

Of course he's not out. The same has been said about many leaders, Jean as you point out, Harper not too long ago too. People have the memories of goldfish.

burlivespipe said...

And the media no memory at all.
Funny how the fact that Dion has opened the door for discussion, debate and differing opinions draws the dark and hauty drool of the 5th estate, who can't ask about what's happening behind the closed doors of the secret cabinet meetings (or gather in hotel lobbies where such secret meetings may be held)... Okay, dig around in this dirt for a while, but do your job and find the quizzling and leaks in the SS Harper. Somewhere someone is unhappy and disgruntled.