Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dion's throne speech: The climate, poverty, and the economy

A start, at least, on the policy front. In this article, published in the Toronto Star, outlines what might have been in a Liberal throne speech.

A Liberal throne speech would have done what the Prime Minister, seeking to trigger an election, failed to do: acknowledge that Canadians want their MPs to work together on their priorities. In that spirit, I would have asked Parliament to support a plan to build a richer, fairer and greener Canada, with an independent international voice.

I would have asked all parties to work on this plan. Canada, after all, is at its best when Canadians look beyond their differences, and work together.

It is still a little too general for my liking, but it’s at least a start. And I’m still waiting for the more comprehensive policy platform that was promised in time for the throne speech. Let’s see that soon please.

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1 comment:

900ft Jesus said...

The Liberals should be coming out with a clear platform very soon.

Press has been more positive the last two days. Not all, but still a shift.