Tuesday, October 02, 2007

General Hillier out, General that Harper likes in?

According to CTV news, the Conservative government plans to replace General Rick Hillier as chief of defence staff when his term expires in February, because he's outshining his political masters and he made Gordon O'Connor look like a doofus.

Now don't get me wrong. I won't be sad to see Hillier go. Indeed, I think it's probably a good idea. And this detainee document cover-up scandal won't be going away either.

But what I wanted to mention was this line from the CP piece, where they speculate on possible successors to Hillier as CDS. I'm not sure if I'm amused, or concern. I'm thinking a little of both actually.

CTV says potential successors include Vice-Admiral Drew Robertson and Maj.-Gen. Andrew Leslie, although insiders say Lt.-Gen. Walter Natynczyk is likely to get the top job because the prime minister likes him.

Surely the most important qualification, no?

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The Mound of Sound said...

Hillier out? But, but, but, who is going to have to finish up Hillier's "Operation FUBAR"? Have we got another hard-talkin', fire breathin', man o'war to fill Ricky's boots? Whoever is unlucky enough to take the job better show up for work with a very big shovel.

evilscientist said...

Given the way things have gone over the past year or so, Harper liking you is almost the SOLE qualification for working for the federal government.