Monday, October 08, 2007

This Hour has 22 Conservatives MPs in Afghanistan

Rather than drag Mulroney's 30lb book with me to Las Vegas (airline weight restrictions and all) I took Rick Mercer's much slimmer tome. Look for a review in a day or two, but, given the topic of yesterday's post, I was pretty interested to be reminded that Rick Mercer has been to Afghanistan three times.

His last visit last Christmas was at the personal invitation of General Rick Hillier:

On this leg of the trip were three other Newfoundlanders – broadcaster Max Keeping, singer-songwriter Damhnait Doyle and my old colleague Mary Walsh...
So, an entertain the troops visit. A very worthy trip, and one I fully support. But it wasn't just entertainers on the government-approved mission.
...and three members of the Conservative caucus – whip Jay Hill, MP Laurie Hawn and President of the Treasury Board John Baird.
Let me be very clear that I'm a big fan of Rick Mercer, and he is to be commended for going to visit the troops three times, and for his very strong support of our Armed Forces over the years. As a former Air Force Brat myself, I passionately share his sentiments in that area.

My only point is that if the government can allow an entertainer to go over three times, and allow visits by their whip, a backbench MP and the president of the treasury board, it's pretty hard for them to justify continually blocking the defence critic of the official opposition.

For more on the important, totally not a photo-op or publicity stunt work Maxime Bernier and Bev Oda are doing right now in Afghanistan, see Keith, Steve, Apply Liberally, KNB, Impolitical and Dave.

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Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Well if your curious the show was excellent, a true morale booster and well appreciated by the troops. I really enjoyed. Not to mention it was also an excuse for the big boss to let us have two beer. LMAO Oh ya, It did not stop Rick from slagging the CPC either.

Jeff said...

I'm sure Rick was great. I'm just not clear what entertainment value the three Con MPs had. Well, Baird can be pretty entertaining in QP sometimes. But what about Jay Hill and Laurie Hawn? Did they sing, dance, tell jokes?

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Naa. Actually they were pretty quiet, Wished us a merry xmas, great job, etc etc etc etc, Mr.Baird told a couple of quick jokes, he is pretty funny. Politics did not as is fitting fit into the evening.