Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Woe is BC: First softwood lumber, and now this?

We already watched while the Harper Conservatives sold-out the B.C. lumber industry by signing a softwood lumber “deal” that let a billion dollars slip away and failed to buy any trade peace. Now it looks like one of B.C.'s other major industries may be threatned under the Conservative watch:

Pot replaces poppy in fields of Afghanistan

Associated Press

KABUL — The fields of Balkh province in northern Afghanistan are free of opium poppies this year.

It's a success touted often by Afghan and international officials.

But one look at some fields uncovers an emerging drug problem.

Three-metre-tall cannabis plants flourish where poppy plants used to grow.

The crop — the source of both marijuana and hashish — can be just as profitable as opium but draws none of the scrutiny from Afghan officials.

First the BC lumber industry took a major hit, and now our even more famous export, BC Bud, may be in trouble too.

Will Stephen Harper stand-up for Canada, and for BC marijuana? Will International Trade Minister, and B.C. MP, David Emerson errect a tarrif wall to protect us from cheap Afghan imports? It's time for action!

Elsewhere, Red Tory has a more serious take.

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burlivespipe said...

add the fact that this 'so-called' economics grad has opened the flood gates to more foreign takeovers than any other pm -- including the harmless mom-and-pop pot ops -- and you can see the tide of a recession 'made-in-canada.' i think he wishes haliburton would make an offer on parliament so he could pack up his gucci stuff and loaf around john howard"s ranch...

Raphael Alexander said...

That's a pretty funny catch. I had never thought of it that way. However shall marijuana crop farmers survive?