Friday, December 14, 2007

Environmental leadership

I like this picture. We have the guy that should have been president, and the guy that should soon be Prime Minister. I'm hoping things will work out much better for Stephane Dion then they did for Al Gore on that front, as Stephen Harper doesn't have a brother that's Premier of Quebec.

But seriously, as unfortunate as the performance that John Baird has been turning-in on Canada's behalf in Bali, and as bad as the black mark he has been giving our international reputation has been, it has been good to do that Dion, Elizabeth May and others have been there to let the world know the Conservative opinion isn't the majority in Canada. Don't give up hope, voices of sanity remain.

Dion's Bali Blog has certainly been interesting reading, and for those who were concerned he might be going over to do embarrassing partisan mudslinging, I think most would agree Dion's performance has been positively Prime Ministerial, and a telling contrast to Baird, and the guy that's currently Prime Minister, for now anyway.

I'm expecting to have more details on the Dion/Gore meeting tomorrow. I'll say this though. Seeing them together should encourage all Liberals to work hard to make sure we return a Liberal government in the next election. Let's not be like the Democrats, watching Bush run amok in the White House and dreaming of what could have/should have been. We have a chance to get it right.

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Jim said...

That is a great picture...two guys who will NEVER lead their countries.

Unknown said...

What we have is the guy who wouldn't sign Kyoto and the guy who didn't do anything about it when he had a chance. I am disappointed that you would follow two losers like this. Gore lies about climate change and Dion lies about his record. Talking about something and actually doing something are two different approaches. I prefer doing something as opposed to lying to Canadians.

So please explain why anybody should believe anything these two guys have to say. If Kyoto was so IMPORTANT to Mr. Dion, why did he support the throne speech. If he was a man of conviction, he would have voted against the throne speech, but he didn't. He hid. Coward.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Jim & Jeff are having a bad week.

But, then again, aren't we all now that the flimsiest "agreement" on climate change is about to be announced now that Canada "is back" on the world stage, smartly kissing George's backside.

burlivespipe said...

Cut Jim and Jeff some slack, their so-called leader has taken their stone-age beliefs and made them look like global warming scaremongers, at least scaremongers who are paralyzed by ennui for the cause...

RuralSandi said...

Well, we all know that Gore really won in 2000 - who looked after the voting booths - Elliot - Bush's cousin. Who made the final decision - Judge Renquist, a drug addict that was a close friend of the Bush family.....we could go on.

When you'r referring to Gore and Kyoto - you have to remember that the Republicans carried a large majority in the Congress and Senate - ya, like the Republicans would sanction Kyoto - their oil companies wouldn't let that happen.

Boy oh boy - some people really believe Harper and Baird - fools.

Jason Carson said...

I'll most likely be voting Liberal in the next election but unfortunately I doubt Dion will win.