Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Greg Weston hackery

I could probably do a scathing blog post each time Sun Media columnist/Conservative propagandist Greg Weston does a column. That would get tiring though, so I’ll save my ire for when he really annoys me, like when he implied Ontarioins and women are twits.

Or when he so dishonestly distorts facts its laughable, like he did today in his latest anti-Dion screed. There’s much I could object too, but in the interests of brevity I’ll focus on this section:

Dion talks about the coming year as a "whole new ballgame," and his supporters promise his leadership will undergo an extreme makeover.

There is certainly no shortage of precedents for mid-term political rebirths -- Stockwell Day, Joe Clark, Preston Manning, John Turner, to name a few. But perhaps worth noting is that none ever went on to win a national election.
Yeah, and here’s two that did Gregory: Jean Chretien and your matinee idol, Stephen Harper. Do you really think just naming people that support your statement while ignoring the very obvious choices that don’t is going to convince anyone? That goes beyond intellectual dishonesty to just plain silliness, not to mention really sub-par propagandizing.

It would be like be saying "there have certainly been no shortage of Conservative/Alliance party leaders -- Kim Campbell, Peter McKay, Stockwell Day, to name a few. But perhaps worth noting is that none ever went on to win a national election."

Perhaps more worth noting is that you are a hack, Greg.

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Unknown said...

And incidentally, of the four people he names, two did in fact go on to win national elections, John Turner and Joe Clark.
I know their terms were short ones both, but they did still manage to get elected nationally.

Susan said...

Thanks for writing these on Weston - can't stand the guy - fatuous in the extreme.