Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Totally unfair partisan cheapshot of the day

NDP Leader Jack Layton is advocating a federal election to replace Stephen Harper as prime minister, saying a change in political direction is urgently needed.

This is great news. First Green Party leader Elizabeth May endorses Stephane Dion for Prime Minister, and now the leader of the party at 13 per cent in the polls also agrees we need to elect a Liberal government. Thanks Jack!

*Don’t go crazy, leftie friends, I did say totally unfair cheapsot.

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Devin Johnston said...

If you agree that it's a totally unfair cheapshot, why would you take it?

Jeff said...

Because I thought Jack's comment could be construed in an amusing way. Because to construe it that way without making clear it was in jest would be asholish. And because I've resolved to be more unfair, partisan and cheap in 2008.

thwap said...

To what end? Seriously?

What the fuck does a "progressive" mean by supporting the party that stupidly got us into Afghanistan?

That came up with the indefinite detention based on "security certificates"?

The party with most of its front bench that was strongly in support of joining the US in Iraq and on missile defence?

That "dropped the ball" on Kyoto, allowing carbon emissions to go up instead of down?

To the party that's done so much to weaken national medicare?

To the party that eliminated the federal housing department?

To the party that said "screw the RedBook" after lying about the GST and NAFTA in order to get elected?

Why be unfair, partisan, and cheap, for the nauseatingly duplicitous and bone-stupid party of your choice?

What do you get out of this? What does any "progressive" get out of such behaviour? Out of this political decision? It's long past time to realize that Liberal Party rhetoric is light-years away from Liberal Party policy.

The NDP is far from perfect, but it's a vote against neoliberalism, not a deluded vote against neoliberalism, or a cynical vote to support a party that lies like no other.

These are serious issues here, and your clowning about "partisan cheapshots" really only serves to perpetuate the neoliberal road to ruin that Harper's CPC is

berlynn said...

WTF are you on? Glue?

This isn't anything so light and fluffy as you'd like it to be. This is about my kids' future and I'll thank you and your ilk for not fucking it up worse than it already has been!

Jeff said...

To what end? Seriously?

Other than getting to read hyperventilating comments from humourless sorts like yourself?

This is about my kids' future and I'll thank you and your ilk for not fucking it up worse...

You use that kind of language around your kids?

And, btw:

What the fuck does a "progressive" mean by...

for not fucking it up worse

For fuck's sake, this is a fucking family blog, people.

Mark Greenan said...

Don't know about your influence with Dion advisers (likely little as his public image wouldn't be shot if he had people with half a brain around him), but please keep up with the "only two parties can win government" talk.

Really brings out the Liberal arrogance, which surely is a good electoral strategy these days.

thwap said...

Yeah, I swear, and you either support the Liberals, or you've invented a joke of a blog that's only pretending to be shrine to that asshat political party.

All the very real criticisms of the Liberals, interspersed with the profanities, are still valid.

Gayle said...

I used to support the NDP, but it is so hard to support a party when so many of its members lack a sense of humour.

thwap said...

I'd support the Liberals, but it's so hard to support a party that has no principles, and whose supporters are so not funny.

burlivespipe said...

Jack to Libby: "Let's do it - let's go to the polls! I can smell third place!"
Libby to Jack: "What do you think the view's like from there - do you think I can see chocolate nirvana? Oh Jack, I have a dream!"

But really folks, if you want to keep the party THAT WOULD have had us in Iraq, canning funding for women's programs and nuzzling cosy with the gun- and taser lobbies in power, just keep up what you're doing. It's working fabulously.

And if you hate the Canada that stood up in places like Rwanda, has its fiscal house in order and said NO to Iraq, I'd suggest you keep up with your seething. Is there no statute of limitations on differences of opinions and occasional mistakes? Because I seem to recall the NdP's predecessor supporting imprisonment of Japanese-Canadians at some point...

thwap said...

Oh for Pete's [notice i didn't say "fuck's"] sake.

I'm sure there are Liberals who can do better than this. (Though I've never seen it, to tell you the truth.)

A statute of limitations on mistakes? Simple difference of opinion?

I have issues with the entire neoliberal shtick of the Liberals.

And, going back to WW II? To trash a CCF'r for supporting something that the LIBERAL PARTY did, in order to deflect criticism from the Liberals?

Tommy Douglas used to believe in eugenics too. That's not all that relevant to the dismal nature of the Liberals in the 21st century.

If it wasn't for the fact that the whole thing is a joke, I'd say that this blog's Liberal support was based on lazy-minded inertia.