Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Conservative aide writes questions for the media

Given the recent efforts by the Conservatives to resurrect the non-scandal around a CBC reporter sharing questions for Brian Mulroney with a Liberal MP, this news unearthed yesterday by Sean Holman is noteworthy:

A federal Conservative political aide sent members of the Chinese media a list of questions for Raymond Chan just before the Liberal parliamentarian was scheduled to hold a press conference. Mr. Chan called the Friday afternoon press conference to "set the record straight" concerning accusations he "did not contribute" to a motion calling on the Japanese government to "formally apologize" and compensate "women who were coerced into military sexual slavery during the Second World War." But, four hours before that conference, former Fairchild Radio AM 1470 producer and host Ronald Leung - the special assistant to British Columbia political minister Stockwell Day - sent an email to "five or six" of his friends in the Chinese media, telling them "I think the public should know the role of (sic) Raymond Chan played in the Comfort Women motion issue."

This is totally a different ball of wax from what the Conservatives were up in arms about, of course. They’ll be why to explain why, I’m sure. Still, just to be safe though we should probably get the ethics committee on the case. Can’t be too careful.

Seriously though, do I think this Con staffer did anything wrong? Not really. But I also don’t think Krista Erickson did anything wrong either by sharing her questions with an MP. I just find this amusing; given the righteous indignation the Cons have treated us to over this sort of thing. Live by the sword, and what not.

Actually, I think the bigger story here is that this Conservative staffer actually seems to have a bit of a clue about media relations, and is on somewhat friendly terms with some of them. I just hope he ran his e-mail by the PMO first and got approval from Sandra, or Dimitri, or whomever is holding down the fort these days.

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