Friday, February 01, 2008

Funny line of the day: Don Martin

National Post columnist Don Martin, commenting on the Harper government's recent communications cock-ups and the troubles of flacks Sandra Buckler and Dimitri Soudas, whose jobs are unlikely to be in jeopardy despite recent performance:

To get fired by this government, you have to do your job defending nuclear plant safety against the PMO's wishes.

Heh. Sounds about right.

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wilson said...

And the line preceeding your quote:

'It appears to be gleeful media overkill, which smacks of personal payback as demands for job severance hover over the flacks' vulnerable necks.' overkill smacks of personal payback....

When msm admits openly to bias, do Libs still think that media bias is a figment of CPC imagination?

It's real (bias), but does it matter?
msm did not 'make' PMSH, therefore they can't 'break' him.
If they could, Libs would have had their election, and won.

Is it possible that msm bias to all things conservative, is actually hurting the Libs?
The 'even bad press is good press' rule?

burlivespipe said...

Ahh, the 'mainstream media bias' bug comes back to roost. Some how Wilson seems to be hiding his 'liberal-media bias' snide comment behind his collection of CONserfative bobblehead dolls.
Don't you know that a responsible media is to 'comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable'? Where was his outrage when the 'media overkill' was on the other foot, ie the boondoggle that wasn't, Germant Grewal's best-ever tape collection, etc?
Oh that's right, there was a tinfoil hat convention going on...

Living 'Do As I Say...' to the max, i see.

Anonymous said...

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