Sunday, February 17, 2008

The secret to good health and long life

I think it'd be safe to describe myself as somewhat of a political junkie. Heck, with the hours spent blogging about the stuff it be hard to claim otherwise.

As I read blogging coverage of Jim Prentice's appearance on CTV's Question Period today though, where the Harper minister (biggest spending budgets in Canadian history) tried to laughably paint the Liberals (eight straight balanced budgets), I'm reminded again of where I've decided to draw the line with my political interest.

I don't watch these sorts of shows anymore. Haven't for about a year now. No Question Period. No Mike Duffy Live. And no Politics with Don Newman either, I have to say.

And I've never felt better. Those shows are bad for you. Raises the blood pressure. Angries up the blood. Partisan hacks and talking heads spewing their talking points. Media "pundits" trying to sound important and informed. All flash, all intrigue, no substance. No debate of policy. No debate at all really. Rarely a challenging word from the hosts.

I used to tune into Newman's broadcast regularly, but it's all theater. A theater of the absurd, really. And it's all waste of energy, as no one is watching that doesn't already have their mind made up. I even mute the TV when Duffy comes on for his daily hit during the 6pm news on CFTO. He's aggravating. The only time these shows matter is when someone and popcorn. Otherwise...

So as much of a political junkie as I am, as interested as I am in strategy and election timing and move and counter-move, I draw the line at watching these shows. I'll count on my fellow bloggers to let me know when something of interest occurs, but I won't be tunning in. And I'd advise them to take their Duffy, Oliver and Taber in small doses.

I went to see Cloverfield instead. Enjoyed it. I was concerned with the references to it being shot in a Blair Witch Project style, because that movie sucked, but it worked well here.

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Saskboy said...

I only listen to As It Happens once in a while, and Rick Mercer when I catch it. But I caught QP today because my dad recommended it. It was a good refresher, and as you say, as a blogger I instinctively wanted to get to my computer and tear a strip off of the falsehood spewing wonks. At least one host put some heat on Prentice, but didn't really demolish him, and his delivery bothered me for some reason. Blogging itself is bad for giving us junkies instant gratification for our letter to the editor mentalities :-)

Jennifer Smith said...

QP has become even more pointless than usual lately, ever since the HarperCons were instructed to answer ever question with, "After thirteen years of Liberal inaction..."

I much prefer Commons debates and (even better) committee meetings. This is where the real work gets done, and where MPs actually have to engage their debating skills as opposed to their ability to simply shout over the crowd.

My husband finds it amusing that I actually laugh out loud and shout at the TV while watching CPAC.

Greg said...

BCer: Prentice, though he has many flaws, was never a Harris cabinet member. Flaherty and Baird certainly were.

ottlib said...

Could not agree with you more Jeff.

I do not watch any of these programs and I have not done so for some time.

And I am much happier for it.

Jeff said...

Crap you're right Greg, thanks. Get these guys mixed-up some times.

Saskboy said...

...White men in suits, who spout only Conservative lines. The mistake was easy to make.