Monday, February 25, 2008

Why won't the PMO let Conservative candidates talk?

This nugget buried in a CP story about the by-election race in Vancouver-Quadra is certaintly interesting, although wholly unsurprising:

Conservative candidate Deborah Meredith isn't in Ottawa yet but she's already refusing requests for interviews.

Her campaign manager, Dan Tidball, said Meredith wanted to "focus'' on the local media "and you're the national media.''

He said her decision to not be interviewed was arrived at after a discussion among "people above me.''

Since he's the campaign manager, someone "above" him would have to be the party powers that be back in Ottawa. Why does the CPC want to hide Deborah Meredith from the national media?

Of course, this isn't new by-election procedure for the Conservatives. In the London North-Centre byelection, Conservative candidate Dianne Haskett also refused to talk to the Canadian Press:
A request by The Canadian Press for an interview with Haskett, as part of a riding profile, was rebuffed earlier this week after her campaign sought the request in writing.

"Unfortunately, since this has been a Liberal riding for over 18 years we are working hard door-knocking next week and will not be available for an interview," was the response from Ryan Sparrow, who until recently was the director of communications for Environment Minister Rona Ambrose.
And Sparrow, not uncoincidentally I'm sure, is now the main spokesperson for the CPC. Small world.

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McLea said...

More importantly, why should anyone living outside of Vancouver give a shit about Deborah Meredith?

wilson said...

''why won't the PMO let Conservative candidates talk?''

Because the Libs will fill the void.

Murray distances herself from Dion (not a leader) in the interview:

''The Liberal candidate, Joyce Murray, admits voters question her about Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's style. It's an issue she tries not to dwell upon.

"People ask about Mr. Dion and I say that every Opposition leader has their ups and downs,'' she said.''

Jeff said...

Distances? Nope. And I'm sure the revelation that opposition leaders have their ups and downs is racing across the country like a bullet. I know it was news to me.