Friday, March 07, 2008

Lets play spot the Liberal mailer ironies!

After the past few weeks of, well, insanity in the Liberal Party that I won't bother to recap because, well, the list is too long, I got the following fund raising solicitation letter in the mail yesterday.

I was going to make a bunch of sarcastic comments about all the crazy things they're saying in light of recent events, but instead I thought it'd be more fun to play Spot the Ironies! It's the new party sensation that's sweeping across the land.

When you spot an irony, feel free to post it in the comments section. Click the pic to enlarge.

And Senator Smith, you don't get another cheque from me until you bring this government down.

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Saskboy said...

Take Action Now.

Written by Obama, perhaps?

Mike514 said...

"Help us win this next election."

I'd replace "win" with "survive."

And the PS is hilarious! If the page-and-a-half letter doesn't get the message across, they hit you over the head with a blunt Give Us Money!! Elections Are Costly!! in the post-script.

Steve V said...

"We're ready on so many fronts"

Yes, that's clearly the impression I have, I mean all our actions speak to complete readiness, not to mention a strong will and desire.

I'm sure this fundraising drive is bringing in scads of money, because, well, nothing says energizing the grassroots, like fear and weakness, incoherent rationale and hiding.

A View From The Left said...

"We're ready on so many fronts"

Which is why everyone is talking about our lack of readiness is why we don't want an election. It's also why we've only just got a campaign plane.

"There's no time to lose"

Which is clearly why we're abstaining all the time instead of actually having the balls to go to the electorate.

Maybe if we stopped abstaining people would actually start sending money instead of giving up on the party.

Steve V said...


The mailer is a tad bland. Maybe if they included a photo of Liberal MP's in action, fighting the government, the response would be greater.

Saskboy said...

But that's a picture of an empty Hous.... oh. :-)

susansmith said...

Ah, the libs just finished again, sitting on their and playing hide the MPs, so what's all this talk about an election.