Friday, March 07, 2008

Stephen Harper threatens to sue one third of Canada's population

OK, not really. At least, not yet ... but watch out, one in three Canadians, you could be next!

Nearly one in three Canadians thinks Prime Minister Stephen Harper was lying when he said he knew of no $1-million life insurance policy offer to dying MP Chuck Cadman. The offer was reportedly in exchange for his support in defeating the Liberal government in a crucial confidence vote in May 2005, a new Ipsos-Reid poll says.
It's a poll, so more as always, from Steve.

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ALW said...

Only 1/3? That's a lot less than the number of people who don't vote Conservative.

Which would mean - why should Harper care?

Steve V said...

Jeff, I was waiting for this type of response by brain dead people like ALW. There is also a group that is unsure, and the fact the poll publishes this result, means that the "do believe Harper" camp is smaller. ALW, will also be pleased to know that the polling outfit concludes this is "big trouble" for the Conservatives, again, that speaks to what people are saying, the Conservatives aren't winning this one. Nice try ALW, but your partisan blinders miss the point entirely. Oh, and BTW, by 2 to 1 people don't think Harper is right to sue the Libs, another indication of who people side with on this matter.

"It's a poll, so more as always, from Steve."

Are you saying I have a problem? ;)

Jeff said...

ALW, it's that attitude towards those that didn't vote for him that explains why he can't get enough of them to vote for him to earn him a majority. And 1/3 isn't that much less than his current support numbers actually.

Not all all Steve, just that you're the poll analysis guy. Ok, maybe you do have a problem...

Oxford County Liberals said...

I'm very pleased to see that ALW thinks there are other progressive/Liberal blogs worth his time to leave silly stuff on besides mine.

Steve V said...

Further proof this poll is bad news for the Conservatives, its buried on the NP website. Keep note of the placement, next time their poll suggests good news for Harper.

wilson said...

Yet, in the posted article:

''Pollster Darrell Bricker says the fact that only one in three Canadians believed he lied is actually
good news
for the prime minister.''

If 2/3 of Canadians are giving PMSH the benefit of the doubt, after the battering the opps have given him in QP,
I'd say he has won the battle.
The bench mark for 'scandal deserving a boot from office' is Adscam.
Even the collection of Lib labeled 'scandals' do not add up to Adcam.
The CPC will never have the 'need' to stuff envelopes with taxpayer cash, to keep the CPC running.

All it took was a wiff of a libel suit, and the media stopped the verbatum reporting of the Liberal attacks.
It's all but over if the media won't sell your sleaze for you.

Gayle said...

"All it took was a wiff of a libel suit, and the media stopped the verbatum reporting of the Liberal attacks."

And they moved on to reinforcing Harper's image as a petulent bully who refuses to take responsibility for his own mistakes.

Or perhaps you missed the part of the article that said how dissatisfied Canadians are with this whole law suit nonsense...

Jeff said...

Actually no, 2/3s aren't giving him the benefit of the doubt. And its amusing that 1/3 of Canadians thinking the PM is a liar is the best news you and Bricker can find in this poll says a lot.

As long as we're quoting Bricker though:

"The big problem Harper has is that 44 per cent of the population think the Conservatives did offer something to Cadman," Mr. Bricker said in an interview.

44 per cent believe the Cons did something to try to buy off Cadman. 62 per cent are against his libel suit too. But as to whether or not this thing has legs still or not, 32 per cent want a third-party investigation and 31 per cent want the RCMP to investigate.

Spin away if you wish, but this isn't going away any time soon. The media have just been busy lately with all the other Conservative scandals and screw-ups, such as the NAFTA leak and begging the Senate to cancel tax cuts. It'll be back...

wilson said...

''but this (Cadman) isn't going away any time soon..

Check out todays news, I found one story, Ottawa Citizen, about Cadman and James Moore.
CBC has one too, but it is was news on Wednesday.

going going gone...
QP provides the only play you get on this huge scandal.

Gayle said...

Until the election, where Harper will be fielding questions from reporters, and he will be asked to explain what he meant on that tape.

Jeff said...

Yes, at the moment instead they're talking abut the Cons begging the undemocratic, unelected Senate to kill a tax cut, and the NAFTA leak scandal. Two other stories paving the way to a Harper majority. But just keep telling yourself it has all gone away Wilson. Maybe you really do believe it's all over too, I don't know. It's not though. Time will tell.