Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And if my grandmother had wheels...

...she'd be a wagon.

Globe and Mail Update

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Chief of staff, Ian Brodie, is expected to leave the prime minister's office this summer, signalling a shake-up in time for a fall election.

Mr. Brodie is one of the prime minister's closest confidants. Sources said last night that Mr. Brodie is expected to leave in July. One of the rumoured potential replacements is a former chief of staff to ex-Ontario Premier Mike Harris, Guy Giorno.

Sources said Mr. Brodie made the decision before the delivery of a report looking into a leak of information regarding the NAFTA free-trade deal which influenced the Democratic Primary in the United States.

On a side-note, another Mike Harris disciple as his potential replacement. Goodie.

Looking forward to reading that report. And I'm sure Ian will land on his feet. I hear there may be a judicial opening in Manitoba...

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