Monday, May 26, 2008

If national security...

is suddenly so important to Stephen Harper perhaps he'll retroactively do the right thing and ask Helena Guergis to "resign" as well.

In a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Dion said Guergis, the secretary of state for foreign affairs, put his security at risk by revealing details publicly of his itinerary in Afghanistan during a visit last weekend.

Information on such visits is usually blacked out to protect dignitaries, and the soldiers accompanying them, from attack by Taliban insurgents. But in an email to reporters on Saturday, Guergis discussed plans of Dion and deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to visit the Provincial Reconstruction Team before the two men revealed them.

Since Helena still has a job it would seem more likely it's embarrassing The Leader, and not national security, that led to Bernier's departure.

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kenlister1 said...

Tonight news led me to 2 thoughts:
1. I can't believe we criticized MacKay's choice in women.
2. How much would Air Canada charge to ship a dog from a farm in Nova Scotia to Beauce Quebec?
Just wondering cause Bernier could use the prop. Errr, companionship.
3. Now that MacKay and Prentice have quietly gotten rid of Bernier as a leadership threat, will the infighting get nastier?

kenlister1 said...

Interesting to read Bernier's letter of resignation. I wonder at what time did Harper tell Canadians, "I don't take this subject seriously".
According to Bernier's letter, Harper knew of the security breach late this afternoon. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when Harper removed his head from the sand to read the writing on the wall.

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister
Room 313-S, Centre Block
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Prime Minister,

This is to inform you that I am resigning my post as Minister of Foreign Affairs, effective immediately.

I informed you late this afternoon that last night I became aware that I had left behind classified government documents at a private residence.

Prime Minister, the security breach that occurred was my fault and my fault alone and I take full responsibility for my actions.

I have asked the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to conduct a thorough review of the situation.

Thank you for the trust you have shown in me. I will do everything I can to serve the government well in my capacity as Member of Parliament.

Yours truly,

Maxime Bernier

kenlister1 said...

Hmm, i guess i had more than 2 thoughts after all.

burlivespipe said...

Still so many questions... apparently from the TV interview, the article in question was left behind in early April, which to my calculations is approximately 45 days ago. Her comments tho not specific, indicate she contacted a lawyer, who advised she quickly turn these documents over.
Or did she hold onto these documents until this weekend?
And just when did Harper learn about this transgression -- before his 1 p.m. off-the-cuff retort or after?
What exactly were the documents? If her assertions are correct, who bugged her apartment (and bed)?
This is a case of the Appledumbling government at its finest, only now its starting to make us all look like banjo-playing morons.
Harper plays us for a bunch of stuck pigs, hopefully someone in the know will take him to the woodpile and make him squeal!

Jeff said...

They'd clearly need a different dog for Maxime. One of those yippy little ones.