Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Speaking of Hillary and assinations...

...what is with CNN's sound effects?

I've got The Most Trusted Name in News on in the background as I putter on the computer, waiting to hear speeches from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I'm not paying much attention to the talking heads, but I hear Anderson Cooper saying they're going to take a break and Hillary's speech is up next, and they cut to a live shot of the hall or whatever she'll be speaking from as they go to commercial.

I presume so anyway, my back is turned from the TV. I hear the usual crowd noise, and then what sounds like a short burst of gunfire over the crowd noise before the commercial comes up. "What the fizizzle?" I think to myself. Did someone just open-up with an M-16 in the hall where Hillary is going to speak?

I turn around and grab my remote and rewind (bless the PVR) and replay. Turns out the gunfire is a CNN "going to commercial" sound effect, accompanied by shooting stars across the screen. The stars are very patriotic, but the simulated gunfire?

Weirdness. But they're back from commercial now, and it appears everyone is uninjured.

Anyway, congrats Barack!

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Anonymous said...

Had the same reaction too. Wolf's MDA-Telethon-like announcement of the last half-dozen superdelagates going over to Obama was particularly annoying too. Geez, if you have to fill time like that, get better talking heads.

Unknown said...



Jeff said...

I'm trying to raise Obama's appeal with military supporters by causing them to sub-consciously associate him with military barracks. You've found me out...I'm also trying to increase my google rankings for searches by people that can't spell.