Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Liberal Party, Give Harper back his personality right this minute!

This made me laugh heartily:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has upped the ante in his $2.5 million defamation suit against the Liberals, claiming an additional $1 million for "misappropriation of personality."

So that's what happened to Stephen Harper's personality. The Liberals stole it! Bad Liberals, give Stephen back his personality right this minute!

Oh, and thank-you Conservative Party of Canada for once again bringing the Cadman affair back into the headlines and reminding us just how morally bankrupt you are, allegedly making million-dollar offers to secure the votes of dying MPs.

And for reminding us that you've yet to offer a credible explanation for Stephen Harper's comments on the infamous tape, what he meant by "financial considerations", just what you allege was "doctored" from the tapes, how that would change what Harper was saying, just who did the alleged doctoring, and how in the heck you could possibly expect anyone to believe all you offered him was help with his next campaign, when everyone knew there was no chance Chuck Cadman was ever going to run again.

But really, give Harper back his personality guys, that's just not nice.

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C4SR said...

Misappropriation of personality?

Stephane Dion could fund the entire Liberal campaign if he sued the Cons for their website treatment of him.

Political leaders, of course, don't run crying before activist judges when their feelings are hurt. That rules out paying for the next campaign.


Mark Richard Francis said...

Misappropriation of personality?

How could such a small theft be worth so much?

A Eliz. said...

This vindictive, egotistic bastard.
He is trying to get rid of the Liberals, as a party. Yes his web site is full of lies

daveberta said...

"Misappropriation of personality?"

Sounds familiar... It must be in vogue with Conservatives these days.