Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I see your bridge...

Ho, boy, a billion dollar bridge if you vote Conservative! The Conservatives are taking these by-elections seriously, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:

The Harper government promised yesterday to build a new $1-billion bridge between Montreal and the South Shore, just three weeks before a by-election in a suburban riding that would directly benefit from the new link.

Not to be outdone, this morning Liberal candidate Roxanne Stanners promised that, if elected and if the Liberals form the next government, the Liberals will use tax dollars to buy every voter in St. Lambert a pony.

How you gonna top that, Mr. Harper! Unicorns? They're mytical, so ha!

And that loud thump you hear from the West is thousands of Reformers banging their head on a wall.

UPDATE: Breaking News! I'm ready to call this race now for the NDP, with the promise this morning by its local candidate to buy the residents of St. Lambert a stairway to heaven. It's over folks.

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Mike514 said...

Glad to see that you're blogging again. I was beginning to think you had retired or something.

Barcs said...

"The Federal Bridge Corp. has told Mr. Cannon that the government would be better off to build a new link than to continually repair the 46-year-old Champlain."

tucked into the end of the story about how it is a political move....


I do agree the timing is suspect.... but with daily traffic jams and a 10-15 year prediction on how long it will take to construct the bridge.... I can only surmise that you must agree that it is past time it be considered.

Castor Rouge said...

How 'bout a tax credit on CD's with the track "Stairway to Heaven"? Think that'll get any traction?

Barcs said...

sure Castor... throw that in with all the other tax credits for the green shift that have nothing to do with actual environmentalism.

Jeff said...

Mike, work has been keeping me busy and I'm usually tired in the evenings, but I'm trying to blog more regularly. It's been the summer though, not much happening besides Harper's posturing.

Barcs, if the bridge needs to be fixed then it needs to be fixed, that may well be the case. But I bet there are a lot of bridges that need to be fixed. There's probably a very, very long list of urgent infrastructure projects across the country looking for federal funding. Does the most pressing project, the one at the top of the list, just happen to be in St. Lambert? And did it just happen to move to the top of the list during a byelection campaign?

Suspect indeed.

Sorry castor, no Can Con.

Barcs said...

Like I said.. the timing is indeed suspect.

But then I think of paul martin... and wonder if he would announce 2 bridges instead of just the one?