Thursday, August 07, 2008

Unnamed, unsourced exclusive: Dion's not taking the dare

Like (See) Jane (Not run stories with people on the record) Taber, I have my own anonymous sources. All very senior Liberals. The most seniorest. Maybe even more senior advisory than Ms. Taber’s.

According to Taber, Stephane Dion is ready to accept Stephen Harper’s dare that he force an election.

I can report that, according to my own very senior, highly-placed sources within the Liberal Party, the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, and the Stornaway kitchen, this is absolutely false. Dion is not going to take Harper’s election dare. Nor will they give in to a double-dare, despite the insistence by Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff that in no way would the Canadian people accept the Liberals backing down from a double-dare.

Dion and his advisers will meet with senior caucus members at Stornaway this weekend to decide what level of dare to hold-out for from the Conservatives before they’d be compelled to force an election. I hear the doves are holding-out for the infamous triple dog dare, while Dion and the others would go on the lesser double dog dare.

Surely we agree that, were Stephen Harper to issue a triple dog dare, Dion would have no choice but to acquiesce and agree to an election. I mean, that's the nuclear bomb of dares. We would be the laughing-stocks of the nation, if not the world, to wimp-out in the face of a triple dog dare. You can bet the NDP would make big use of it in their campaign literature, as would the Conservatives. It would cement the not a leader meme.

I just hope that this divide between the double dog dare and triple dog dare wings of the Liberal Party can be mended, as it has the potential to tear the party apart. This is a time when we need unity.

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Devin Johnston said...


Although, you missed the perfect set up to draw a contrast between the parties involving "truth or dare".

JimBobby said...

Whooee! So, according to the screechy Ms. taber, Harper is daring and Dion is complicated. Dang librul media!

tdwebste said...

Dion and his refusal to take down the Conservatives no mater how great their injustice is a complacent supporter of all the Conservatives injustices. Dion's complacent support of the Conservatives has resulted in a tremendous lose of support for the liberals. Given how underhanded the Conservatives are, the stubborn support provided by Dion is seriously hurting the Liberals.

Dion, needs an election called if he is going remain the liberal leader much longer.

Anonymous said...

great post Jeff, agreed that a triple dog dare will mean an immediate election.

tdwebste said...

Sorry Jeff,

Now I get it. Even the thought of Dion forcing an election is a JOKE!

ok, I am sure lots people would have see this joke faster than me. But I am sure they are not voting for Dion's Liberals. I wonder why I am not laughing, because it is a good joke.

Rick said...

and after the dares are all over, the Libs and Tories should play a game of Red Rover instead of floor crossing.

"Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten" could work for Parliament!